YouTube Chanel - Bonjour France

YouTube Chanel - Bonjour France


Welcome to my channel Bonjour France, where I share interesting chips from France, namely from Paris. Video on a completely different topic. I live in Paris, so everything will be word of mouth. If you go to another country, and then tell about it. Everything you wanted to know about the real life in France on my channel. Talks with the French on various topical issues, reports, vlogs. Video out 2-3 times a week! Subscribe, to be in the know!

YouTube channel Bonjour France Life in France 

In early February 2016, I started shooting video of Paris, France, the life here and just vlogs.

During this time, the channel came 1300 subscribers and 53 videos. More here

During this time, it was sold only 10% of the goals that I set at the beginning. There will be a lot of videos on the channel and change the video format.

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It is known that when there is feedback in any case, it do with more power.

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French man about life in Paris

French man about life in Paris

Frenchman about life in Paris: cuisine in France restaurants in Paris wine from France. My friend ...

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