Which mobile operatoris best in Paris ?

Which mobile operatoris best in Paris ?

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What do you need for me to be satisfied with the quality of the Internet?

I am an active user of the Internet, which means that speed is important, and an Internet connection. It is better if there is 4G, but only a real, and not as it disguised as 3G. I use Periscope, it is too demanding on the Internet, and so I need to satisfy his demands.

Link to full video with my tests  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3XuRVYH3hA

Where and how I tested four of the operator?

All tests were done in Paris. The first test in the center of Paris, next to the subway in central Paris and the last third in the Paris area. I use the phone One Plus Two and speedtest app. And of course the 4 SIM card: Orange, FREE, Bouygues and SFR

Tested mobile internet in the center of Paris

I did the test right at the bridge point du change, Bouygues all did!

I tested in the Paris metro

In the 21st century, but the network is not always there in the Paris Metro. I chose the Miromesnil station. So who won?

I tested for Paris

I left for Paris, and it is in Asnieres sur Seine to make measurements of the speed of the Internet. These are my results


If you need a fast connection, then buy Orange or of Bouygues, but it costs money - not cheap!

If you do not need a fast connection - FREE does it and cheaply

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Link to my video with full test  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3XuRVYH3hA


French man about life in Paris

French man about life in Paris

Frenchman about life in Paris: cuisine in France restaurants in Paris wine from France. My friend ...

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