What is Velib ? How rent a bicycle in Paris?

What is Velib ? How rent a bicycle in Paris?


Paris and the whole Europe is tuned for bicycles. It has everything to go perfectly. On a bike you can obehat all the sights and not depend on a specific route. Pedal and see! How to take a bike for rent in Paris? What is a Velib? Go!

What is a Velib?

Velib - a French company, which has organized a network of bike stations all over Paris. Website www.velib.paris.fr cooperates with meriey Paris is 17 rue Soyer, 92000 Neuilly-sur-Seine Paris with a capital of 762 245,00 Euros

    • Number of bicycles in Paris 16968
    • 1800 rental stations in Paris
    • 274000 subscribers in Paris

Used bikes were manufactured by the French company Mercier in Hungary have 3 speeds, weight about 22 kg. Equipped with headlamps and the front luggage compartment..

Velib was 7 years, during which time they have made a lot of things in detail in the infographic at the bottom

How to take a bike rental?

Subscription or registration for use of the system is: 29 euros a year (for pupils and students - 19 €), for the week 8 €, per day, 1.7 €. If you have a Navigo card - travel to Paris, you can sign up using it.

To rent a bike, you need to log in using a credit card. With the card being a deposit of 150 €, which is returned after the expiration of the registration period, if this bike is returned to the rental counter.

When registering for a day or a week you get a paper ticket with a code that must be entered in the machines to take the bike, so you can select and store your secret four-digit-number password. After entering the code and password you select the rack number with the bike, which is willing to take, before it is necessary to check the health, then walk up to the counter, press the lock release button and takes a bicycle.

When you return the bike, the bike must be inserted into the rack and wait for the green signal. This means that the bicycle is correctly received. If the signal is yellow or red, this means that the bike is not accepted, and after the expiry of the registration deposit will not be returned to the map.

If you bought the annual abonnent, you send a contactless card with which bikes can be taken directly from the rack, do not enter anything into the machine.

Video registration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvleBqoiE8k

How much is a bicycle rental in Paris?

The price includes registration Velib (annual - 29 or 19 euros a week - 8 euros or a day - 1.7 euros) + time of use (the second 30 minutes - 1 €, then the next 30 minutes - 2 € etc. ).

Velib chip is the first 30 minutes of use are free bike. In Paris, many stations, ie, You can drive through the 30 minutes and change bikes at each station. As there is a tariff and a free 45 minutes, but the annual subscription is more expensive at € 10, the next half hour cost € 1, the third half hour - 2 euros, fourth and subsequent half hours - 4 euros.

If you calculate, you get 3:00 rental will cost 16 euros, but if you change your bike every 30 minutes, it is 0 euros!

If you priezali in the rental, but there is no availability, then you are given another 15 minutes of free time. On the payment terminal also displays information on the location of the nearest points to the number of free rental bicycles and free racks.

Use the app for phones, and there is a map of parking and check-in time.


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