Hello! Today I will tell you about the Periscope. This application has a great future, with each passing day it becomes populyarnee! Great app ... you know what I mean? Most read this article!

What is Periscope?

Periscope - is an application for video broadcasts on Twitter. Task Periscope: show events unfolding around a particular person in a particular place on Earth. This is the latest social platform, which was launched at the end of March 2015. In August 2015 Periscope crossed the 10 million users. I installed the program and use it for 3 days (I was there:dennedblog). Periscope instagramm recalls, the only difference is that here you are trying to post their videos live answer the questions of those who are watching you. Videos are stored in your profile, only 24 hours!

So, who managed to see - he managed, the rest will not see them, but there is an excellent service that keeps your videos at home. It's a service KATCH ME katch.me It's simple to register and enter your username periscope. Video will automatically be added after you have made them.

How to start using the periscope?

You can download this app on your smartphone or from Google Play  or iTunes  . Sign up to make a broadcast or just watch the others around the world, and put the Huskies comment. You can also watch a computer from the site periscope.tv Install this app can be your Twitter account or phone number, but then each time will have to enter the confirmation code. Make a simple address of your profile, write a brief summary about yourself and put a profile picture.

Look at what is already there. How do broadcast other people around the world. On the map, you can see who translates right now in your city or in your street! A great way to make new friends and acquaintances, as well as partners in your business? Pros - obvious, but about them later ...

You watched the broadcast, realize that there are not a lot of interesting characters, bored silly girls. How do without them? Still, to make their own.

Before you create a translation, you must:

  • 1. Name of broadcasting: it must be simple and fun
  • 2. Location broadcast: specify the place tranlyatsii
  • 3. Make a broadcast landmark or remove itself when answering questions.
  • 4. Get hearts. They are something like the huskies in other social networks. Here, in the following sense: the more hearts you put your beloved Speaker, the higher it rises on the "Most Popular".

Because of the obvious advantages of this application, I can mention the following:

  • A method for increasing CA and attract clients to their business.
  • The ability to do public relations for their talents or services
  • Way to find friends and acquaintances in the city, or even love
  • Way to practice a foreign language
  • A great way to kill boredom, and not feel alone.

Cons here, too, there are:

  • It's really addictive
  • While few people Here, as in all the social networks and chats, a large number of Haiter
  • Many of vulgarity, but these characters will be blocked.
  • Broadcast much battery plant

See my channel in the periscope on the link HERE and find me there on their gadgets:dennedblog

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