Russian student in France

Russian student in France

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Hi there! I know one person, he is a student in France, Rouen in the nord of Paris. He was born in Russia, but changed him country with your mother in 2006 year. Half of your life he stay in France. He know all about study in this country! Let's go! Full video here 

How did you come to France?

I arrived August 1, 2006 with my mother. At the beginning we lived in Cergy-Pontoise - is near Paris until 2013, and then moved to Rouen.

What is your level of French?

I'm in France for 10 years, I speak French very well, probably better than in Russian, because only the French around me. In Russian only I speak with my mother.

You were difficult when you come to France?

Yes, it was difficult. I began to study in an international college where there were only foreigners, we were taught the French language and other subjects, such as but not for the French. Lite level.

How quickly did you learn French?

During the two years of training I learned French. I watched a lot of films with subtitles and without, listening to music, reading books, etc. Only with my mother I spoke in Russian.

Myth about any foreign language!

It is said that if you live in a Foreign country, quickly learn the language of this country! Not true, it all depends on the person, I know the people who live to 10 years in France and is known only to the Bonjour! They came here and fully transferred their society, their Russian friends, work with Russian or where the language is not necessary. It's simple. It all depends on the person.

What do you advise for people who learn French?

Many listen to, watch movies, to enroll in school.

Is it possible to bribe a teacher at the university?

No, if you do, then you can take exams to ban for 5 years. There is no such, it is very strict with this.

How to pass exams at universities in France?

If a test of BAC, it passes in one day throughout France. Assignments are only known on the same day. We go into the amphitheater, we were given the job. Everything is very strict. if they see that you are cheated, you did not pass the exam, and it is possible that you will not be able to pass for 5 years.

How much is the life of a student in France?

All the detailed calculations and prices are described with article HERE

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