Review on the film Ukraine : the masks of the revolution

Review on the film Ukraine : the masks of the revolution


Who is Paul Moreira?

French journalist and director of documentary films. Created documental films about the conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Israel, Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Ukraine. Paul Moreira contributed to the formation of the genre of investigative journalism on French television.

How he filmed?

Paul and his team watched the revolution on TV and went to its very center. This documentary film. Paul was interviewed, as he seems to have the most important personas of the revolution. He traveled with the team throughout the Ukraine. The film begins with the Maidan and history comes to Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea. Most of the film raised the topic of US influence in the Ukraine and the nationalist movement in Ukraine.

That changed when I looked at this film?

Once again I saw the chaos that was, is and probably will be in Ukraine. People will not return, sadly, that every day people are dying because of the war in the east. The level of Ukrainian life as was, and remained so, probably life for the average person has become even worse. But with all this the tip of the flourishing as corruption has been and remains, theft, pensions, wages, etc. changing only the person, but everything remains in place. Nothing changed when I watched this movie, one sorrow!

There is no happy end, everyone got used to watch Hollywood movies. That's the difference between real life and fictional, that people pour through the mailbox. Once realized, it's silly to give his life to holding the flag. any political party. At the same time, we need to evolve, to remove emmotsii and start living the life that you want!

Where is the truth? 

Truth is not here! So and where it is? The truth is that no matter what nationality or religion is always a mother's love for her children, a life without war, a sufficient amount of food and a roof over his head, free movement, the ability to grow, to be able to have children, sleep, thanks to the parents and to believe in God!

That is what is the truth! No matter you are from Russia or Ukraine, you always want to live in a peaceful environment. Life is given only once and it did cool drink or leave for some party?

Will the debate who is right or who is wrong resolve the situation? NO! Only joint actions aimed at creation - will change the life!It is understood that the war was always the war was peace and prosperity. It's been said over the years, nothing did not change!

6. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See ye not troubled: for all these things must, but it is not the end ...

(St. Matthew 24: 6.)


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