Parisian about life in Paris

Parisian about life in Paris

Paris Life

I met Fabrice in one of the bars of Paris, when there took place session Polyglot. This is when the French, who teach Russian language to communicate with the Russian or the French, who already know it.

He remembered me right away, because he is an actor-magician. He went on his page in the FB, but he's a real actor, and I'll tell you about it later, but for now it goes about life in Paris. We went to the resto near the Louvre and the recorded video on this topic. Video here

Where do you work?

I work as an actor and magician, but more an actor. We do not work all the time, it all depends on orders. Sometimes it is in Paris, France, sometimes throughout.

What genre?

As they say in Russian this estrada. I enjoy life  closer to the viewer. Something like a cabaret. I show a simple trick, but the emphasis is on words, sayings, etc. I like to play with the words.

Do you love Parisian life?

Yes, this is my home. I feel good here, at home, especially when I go back to Paris from somewhere. Sometimes I want to leave Paris, but when I vozvryaschayus again sit in the subway or the RER, see the first houses of Paris and I feel good.

When were you last time at the Eiffel Tower?

Haha, maybe 2 years ago. Why to go there, but only in order to show your friends are not Parisians. Last time I was there with my mother-in.

What do you do on Bastille Day, July 14?

Sometimes I go out with friends, sometimes I go to the Eiffel to watch the fireworks. But eleseyskie go to the field to watch the parade of military - not mine. I like to watch the balls of fire.

Which area of ​​Paris you prefer?

 I love Abbesses area in the 18th. Slightly below Montmartre.

Which area do not you like?

16th district, a district-chic bourgeois. There's too much of life, there are no places where you can go, some wealthy grandmother with her dogs.

What is changing in Paris, and what remains the same?

Paris is always beautiful, always in his own style bourgeois, but for example, when my father was a child, the Bastille area was not as it is now.

What better public transport or cars?

Of course public transportation, it is much easier, faster and cheaper. In Paris, huge traffic jams, no parking places, etc.

Is it better to buy a home or rent?

Personally, I am the owner of property in Paris, I prefer them to be than to rent an apartment for rent.

Video with Fabrice

Video here


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French man about life in Paris

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