Paris - Barcelona - Ibiza - Paris

Paris - Barcelona - Ibiza - Paris


To present a picture of total immersion. Do you work at ordinary work 7 hours a week, maybe more. A bunch of projects. Download the full. The city where you live add paint, but not bright shade. And if you live in the city, it was lucky. People, Transportation, concrete, asphalt fills the picture to the limit. The sound of car, subway, people like uly bees and there is no end.

Weekend - it's just a breath of fresh air. And then it all starts again.

Which exit? What to do to breathe fresh air?

I found a solution. You also always find him if was in a similar situation.

Agreements with other, bought the tickets. We fly to Ibiza via Barcelona. Do you think it's not for me, it does not fit, foreign passport and the money is needed. Just for you! If you think so. Foreign passport, yes, you need to advance. Problems will not be specific. And there I see a problem, run by state agencies. Personally, I do not bring buzz. But these mammoths can win. If you beat the old guild, you are at the second lion leveled the game. If the boss gave a stump on whose desk a pile of paper, which looks at you with a bird's eye view. You are awesome.

Go to the next level.

Purchase tickets, hotel reservations and visa. Tickets bought for two months on the low cost airlines. Reservation for earlier. Visa to take Poland. It also includes the Schengen area. Everything is real.

How was I? We agreed to meet a friend in Barcelona. I flew to Paris, and he was Kiev. It was the first visit to Spain.

Arrived. At once was - here is warmer and Spanish. The rest of Europe - is Europe. 

The architecture of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia is particularly impressive.

Everywhere palm trees. It's not quite the south, but he was already there. Russian everywhere much. For two days 10 people met. We arrived at the airport. We are waiting for the plane. Yes, the IP punks bitterness of French. We plane. Fly 30 minutes. The first time I flew over the sea. Typically, you fly, and down lights, in short land. At this time, the water and ships rarely met. 

I see an island, the plane begins to decline. 

Yes, here it is - Ibiza.

Island hotels and nightclubs. Someone chose this island for PR and propogandy Electro music that is both riveting garjachego cakes. I liked everything on the island. His whole obehali we do not, although it can be done in one day. 

Conclusion: everything is real, if very much want. The island is better to go to a big company. Prices are European. As an everywhere. We were not in season. Season from late May to August. Maybe all of this peak is doubled, I do not know. 

Explore! Open the map of the world for yourself! Good luck!


French man about life in Paris

French man about life in Paris

Frenchman about life in Paris: cuisine in France restaurants in Paris wine from France. My friend ...

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