Our trip to Georgia

Our trip to Georgia


Arrival in Kutaisi

Time to relax. We flew from France to Georgia through Poland. Hello Kutaisi.

We arrived in Batumi

Immediately we went to Batumi, on the Black Sea. They took shelter in the city center. Leave things and the first thing went swimming.

The sea was excellent. Immediately brosaetsya eyes that Georgians love to drive on machines. A beep is their trick.

On the Grands Boulevards, we have rental bikes to obehat everything and find beautiful places. here it is all very civilized.

We see the money invested here. New hotels, otliny asphalt, playground for children, new cars in the police, etc.

It has everything to have a great vacation. In Batumi, we try all the famous Georgian dishes I liked best and Chakhokhbili Khinkali. And of course all kinds of khachapuri, especially in Adjara. Prices are excellent for all, with respect to the prices in Paris.

a trip to beautiful places of Adjara

A few days later, we took a tour of the famous places in Adjara. Initially we went to Mahuntseti. We passed the river Chorokhi, far off Turkey. There is an arched bridge of the Georgian Queen Tamara and beautiful waterfalls for which come here and the crowds of tourists. The bridge was built in the 11th century and preserved to this day. There we bought honey

pine pollen is a very interesting thing. Near the bridge there is a waterfall, we were bought there and then went to catch trout and

Here we have prepared it.

On his return to Batumi stopped at Gonio Fortress. Even in the 1st century - people built water.

It is symbolical tomb of St. Matthew.

The next day we went to the black sands in Kobuleti. This magnetic sand, say very useful, by the way they are magnets.

a trip to Turkey

Once again, we find. At this time in Turkey. Here are all nearby. On the way we stopped in Sarpi. There the sea is clean and there is where to jump into the water. I met with Ukrainian grandmother, who swam with vodonepronizaemymi headphones. And of course I also try. Just near to the beach is the border crossing point through which Moena get to Turkey. We passed the border and went to the town of Kemalpaşa. We walked looked - did not like it and went back to Batumi.

a trip to Tbilisi

In Tbilisi, we went by train, the train is the same as in and Ukraine. 6 hours and we have in place. The day we visited all the famous places in the city, the most memorable views of the Mtatsminda Park. We walked around the old town, looked at the new buildings in the park Rica and came to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

a trip to Borjomi

On the way back we went to Batumi Borjomi. Bathed in all natural sources, drank water and ate local delicacies. They spent the night with friends, and the next day returned to Batumi.

Georgia very much, Georgians are very hospitable and always helped us. Be sure to come back here.



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