Life after the terrorist attacks in Paris

Life after the terrorist attacks in Paris

Paris Life

I'm in Paris for 5 years, there has been a trend.

The last 3 years, every year has been a terrorist attack: Charlie Hebdo, a Jewish supermarket and 13 November Vataclan. Every terrorist attack takes more and more people. Everything takes place in Paris. Each time shooting Kalashnikovs in Arab hands with the words "Allahu Akbar."

What is taking France to no more terrorist attacks?

Immediately after the attack on November 13 in France was a state of emergency, the number of military in Paris has increased several times. They were eliminated terrorist leaders and their assistants. Many are deprived of French nationality, who was involved some how in the events. Open centers for the support of people who have suffered. Checks at the entrances to public places, etc.

 What really changed after the terrorist attacks in Paris?

Nothing changed! All the same there is a stream of refugees from around the world. Has recently been in the prefecture saw it with my own eyes. On the border with Belgium and Germany have the same situation as it was before. Checks in public places - funny.

Repeatedly I tested them metal detector. He put in a backpack dumbbell through the time they found her. Some do not check anything. Anyone who wants to organize something in a public place - do it!

Military patrols in Paris? Maybe they finally gave live ammunition. My friend, who was previously in a legion told they patrolled La tour Eiffel empty stripper clip, only one had been fighting.

Life is like raged in this cosmopolitan city and rages.

The last elections showed that the people prefers nationalist parties. They can close the flow of refugees. Ok, fine, but what will they do with those who have assimilated, got citizenship?

After all, experience shows that such people were terrorists.

How can you protect yourself?

1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers ...

(Psalm 1: 1)

The Bible has an answer to this question. It is necessary to understand this!

There is much to suggest, then, but if you suddenly found himself at gunpoint, the head may be only prayer and supplication to God for forgiveness for the sins of skoennye in this world.

Not so bad yet, but who knows - is forearmed!

It is impossible to give effective tips, such as - to eat 5 fruits and 5 vegetables a day to be healthy! It can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Be careful!


French man about life in Paris

French man about life in Paris

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