Ideal transport in Paris

Ideal transport in Paris

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Paris - is constant movement, but how best to get around the city? What is the best transport in Paris? You should have your own transport or travel by public transport? Consider what are the options in Paris. Video pokatushki in Paris

The situation in Paris. What happens every day on the roads?

As in all capitals of the world in Paris, there are two peaks. In the morning, when people go to work from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening, when they return from 18:30 to 19:30

In the morning, public transport is more often than in the evening. If the task is to get to the place of work and not get into the rush hour, it is logical to leave until 8:30 on public transport and to 8:00 on personal cars.

Some, like this looks like Paris in the morning rush hour.  Here you can see the traffic congestion in Paris online

Metro. Almost always, you can get to your destination, if there is a metro, but if not, then there is the RER. Logically, if you do not like crowds on the train, then you need to go before the peak hour

Bus. It is better to go to the peak hour and you need to know about the way much you eat. Very often you can go to Buse hour during peak hours, when is peak hour can be reached within 15 minutes.

Auto. Better vyezadt to peak hour. Know the road and in the case of Waze to Use obezdili red patches on the road.

Motorcycle / Scooter. Come out when you want, obehat plugs on motorcycle or scooter is not a problem

The price of transport in Paris?

NAVIGO A travel for a month on all areas costs 70 euro. You can use all kinds of public transport at any time.

If you have your own car or motorcycle, the fuel cost is changed every day. Poss prices today in Paris, Total station:

  • Gasoil 1.166 €
  • Sans plomb 98 1.478 €
  • Gasoil amélioré 1.226 €
  • SP95 / E10 1.378 €

If you have a car and you eat in the rush hour, the flow rate will be about 10l / 100km. If you drive 50km per day during the peak hour, we get 5 liters per day (5.83 € 7.39 € diesel or gasoline 98) a month goes: diesel - 5.83 x 30 = € 174.9 € 98 petrol or 7, 39 € x 30 = 221,7 €. Calculations are made for 30 days, excluding the weekend, but you also use your car for a week-end, if not then multiply by 21 working days per month.

Conclusion: if you have a car, then your costs will be about 174 € to 224 €. All this is roughly depends on many factors. You can do calculations for your data.

If you have a scooter or motorcycle, scooter vozmem because I am well aware of what I write. Poss scooter Honda PCX 125, consumption of 3 liters per 100 km. Cork is not afraid of him. Eats 98, and 95. You can calculate the same 50 km per day at 98 gasoline produced 2,2 € each day. In the month of 2,2 € x 30 = 66 €

What is the best transport in Paris?

Everyone chooses to fit your needs / desires, what he wants to / can. It is not possible to generalize and say that the scooter - the ideal transport in Paris since it's cheap and there are no traffic jams for him. Perhaps for one person - is the perfect way, but if vozmem family of 3 people - the scooter is not suitable.

Choose your best way to get around and do not become hostages of their choice!


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