How we make money in Paris?

How we make money in Paris?

Paris Life

Today I will tell the real story. It was winter in Paris. We took a guitar and went to the tourist spots, started with the Eiffel. Although among us no musicians or singers, but it does not matter. How did it go and how much we earn - later in the article.   The video here Let's go!

Which tool to choose has been a success on the street?

Guitar and another guitar, but can be an accordion or as it is called accordion. In Paris, most of the guitar sounds on the streets. We took the guitar, before that, I remembered a couple of well-known chords and went to conquer the audience.  

What place to choose in Paris?

The most famous is the Sacre Coeur, but also a lot of street musicians playing in the subway, especially on lines 2 and 6

What are we playing? What was the reaction of passers-by?

My friend read his poetry, and I played a bust one and the same tune, we have turned out not bad, at this time we have earned the first centimes, like it was 1 euro. After that, we moved on to childhood songs. It's funny, but my childhood songs - Vladivostok 2000, Mumiy Troll and all the other hits. Play them easy, and I remember them as a keepsake.

How much money we earned in Paris?

For over an hour we played the same songs, told the same verses, but it is not a problem because the audience is constantly changing. For all the time we have gathered around him about 10 people and earn 2 euros 55 centimes, that there is not a bad thing)) You can go out and buy croissants 

Video report of our play near the Eiffel Tower

Here video Subcribe to YouTube Bonjour Франция.



French man about life in Paris

French man about life in Paris

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