How to rent a studio in Paris ?

How to rent a studio in Paris ?

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What documents are required to rent a house in Paris?

  1. a copy of your passport with visa or titre de séjour
  2. contract CDD / CDI or inscription if you are a student
  3. the last three bulletins de salaire
  4. the latest report on taxes
  5. the last three receipts for accommodation, where you lived
  6. sometimes ask a guarantor who will pay the rent if you have merged

That's very easy to see everything))) Collect folder of papers and forth. Go to the next step.

Where to look for accommodation? 

  • PAP free to find housing
  • SE LOGER same as PAP, but I do not like it ;)
  • LEBONCOIN this site has everything from a needle to a car, a great site
  • any agency
  • social network
  • acquaintances
  • collocation great service if the budget is very small. This apartment with shared bedroom

Here you find a house on the site. What to do next?

To make an appointment. Come to the meeting. See the housing. If you like, you give her a folder with documents.

Usually the owner takes your folder and says that the call a couple of days, because he has a lot like you. He chooses the one he liked the most.

There are times when just sign the contract, so it was with me.

How to pay rent if everything is OK?

So you liked the owner. What's next? You sign a contract, you give your documents and payment.

If you just found the owner directly, you pay per month + deposit (usually equal to the sum of the month), that is, you need to immediately pay 2 months. When you leave the accommodation, the owner will return the deposit.

If you have found accommodation through agency, then you have to immediately pay 3 months,  the first month + deposit + for agency for their work.

Then you go to your bank and make virement every month, the money is automatically deducted from your account to pay for housing. 

So you have to pay for utilities.

How to break the contract?

If the studio with furniture, then you need to write a letter to your owner one month before departure from property.

If the studio was empty, then 3 months

If you need accommodation, and there are no documents or money. What to do?

There are also such a situation. Simply to have friends who can stay, but if not then there are services here: 

  • AIRBNB coolest service for every budget
  • BOOKING everyone knows him
  • COUCHSURFING you can find people who can stay for a couple of days. It depends on the person you find.

That's all. If you have any questions - write in the comments.

Good luck


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French man about life in Paris

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