How stay in Paris without money ?

How stay in Paris without money ?

Paris Life

What was there before?

Like all people who have a job. They wake up in the morning, have breakfast, dress up and go to work. They spend all their time. In the evening, returning home having dinner, make your evening leisure and go to sleep. And so it is repeated every day, month, year, etc. It was the same with me.

I lived in Paris and worked at the Défense. I had a studio, for which I paid 700 euros and cars, I used only on weekends, because traffic does not make sense to go to work by car. I was a single. I decided to change this vicious circle.

What thoughts I was in my head? What is to be done?

All this was in November in Paris the winter is not cold, so I do not have problems because of this. Immediately came the idea to hand over his studio to another person and to try to live in other places. For example, in my BMW

I wrote the ad group in facebook, where people are looking for housing. The same day, he gathered his things and put them in the trunk. Fortunately I have a few of them. All climbed into the trunk, and the things that I needed every day - I was the aftermath of the back seat.

The next day I had a couple of people at the studio. They came on the same day, but my choice was a girl who was a friend of my friend. We agreed on a price of 750 euros. All done without contracts, believe in the word, but also like contracts as may be prohibited if the sublease in Paris. Signed a contract for the words that in mid-December it sedit from the studio, and that everything will be as it was before. And, of course, I took a check-bail, but promised not to cash it if everything is OK with the housing.

I was homeless in Paris. What to do next?

I sat in my BWM and started looking for a quiet place where you can spend the night and parking. The first night was near Trocadéro is near La tour Eiffel. Unforgettable feeling when you're sitting in the car, listening to music,of cause French music, the window you can see the Eiffel Tower, all in a hurry to go home, and you enjoy the moment, and freedom.

The first night was quick and easy. I woke up early, went to McDonald's for coffee and muffins. This morning to remember. Once he captured with a toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush his teeth in the bathroom. Then I went to work already in the car. The second night was in the parking lot near Le point de Clichy with excellent views over the River Seine.

I am going to buy a food in the restaurant chinois or in supermarkets, a coffee in Mcdo or starbucks. Toilets are in any restaurant. Shower've got to work. I also have a subscription to the sports club where you can spend time and go into the shower.

I have Internet on your phone, and if it was necessary to go through the computer, that is, free wifi, or in the same Mcdo.

A couple of days spending the night in the car became very uncomfortable! I found another way!

There is a very cool service that s called couchsurfing. People propose to their homes free of charge for a short period, mostly for tourists. I've got a good profile, because I had a lot trips and hosted through their website. So the following week I was a guest at the Frenchman initially, then Africans couple of days.

There was a time when the day you do not know where you will spend the night and it was great! In any case, I have a car, where I can spend the night. One day I was invited to an American. I stayed with him for a week. We are still in touch with him. A very positive person, and at the same time I practiced English.

One evening I found a house from someone on the site, it was cold outside. Although I have a sleeping bag, but it is unlikely to save me from the cold. I did not want to wake up from the cold to start the car and warm it. I stayed at work until late and spent the night there. How cool to wake up and you're at work! I was the first who came to work)))

Who will be able to live in Paris as I am?

I think the girl would be folded to do it, but everything depends on it. It is advisable to have a car or a job, not to be on the street, but I have friends who live in a tent in the street and everything is OK. Alive and well :)

All this is really done, but of course will have to forget about comfort. But if you have friends who have rebelled for a couple of weeks, then you are lucky.

During this time I reinterpreted life as something different it looked. He met with dozens of people, practicing English and French.

I advise you to get this experience at least be something to tell my children;)


French man about life in Paris

French man about life in Paris

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