How much is the life of a student in France?

How much is the life of a student in France?

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The cost of the training in French schools is low and the same for nationals and foreigners: 

  • - 185 € per year en Licence
  • - 258 € per year en Master
  • - 389 € per year en Doctorat
  • - 608 € per year en Ecoles d'ingénieurs

The cost varies, but not much, on the university site, you can learn the latest information. For example, on the site of the Sorbonne 

Education in private schools (les ecoles de commerce), will be more expensive - from 3 000 € to 10 000 € per year. As tuition France takes the EU 11th place after Norway, Finland, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, where higher education is free at all, and the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Belgium, where the cost of an annual training less than 100 €.

The cost of housing

The cost depends on the city, Paris is more expensive than in a provincial town.

About 150 € - 300 € a month will be worth a place in a student residence in France. In Paris, student housing on the property market are from 500 € to 900 € a month for a studio - a studio apartment - 10m2. In the province of such an apartment would cost 400 € - 600 € per month depending on the region.

Find housing options here: http: //  or 

But there is another side to the coin:

CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales ) - an organization that pays students from 20% to 50% of the cost of housing

Colocation - cohabitation with the landlord. Cheapest option, the practice of French and total immersion into French society.

Logement étudiant  - student housing.

It's not all options and not all bonuses in your hands google.


Difficult question! Everything depends on your appetite. I have met people who spend € 200 a month, and another 100 €.

Everything depends on you.

The prices of products can be found on any site supermarket 

There are student canteens, the cost of power which, according to French standards, very low. A full meal in a dining room will cost 2,80 € - 3,10 €. While dinner at the resto will cost at least 15 €.


In 2015, the price of travel in Paris fell from € 120 for 5 zones and 75 €, and students have a 50% discount. It can be issued at any metro station 

As on any station you can make a 50% discount for travel SNCF - trains in France 


The cheapest operator in France - it's FREE , now it is possible to issue a package of € 4 per month, which is already included 50GB Internet and unlimited calls.

The monthly subsistence wage student

The budget consists of: Training + accommodation + food + Services + fines + phone, etc. The minimum budget for a student in the French province is 700 € / month in Paris - 900 € / month.

Discounts for students

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