French people about russians people

French people about russians people


Hello from Paris. Today we took the camera and went for a walk around Paris and for one to learn from the French that they know about Russia and what they think about the Russian. What stereotypes, some pictures of an famous people they know. That's what we've got. Go!

You can see a video from Paris here

What stereotypes do you know about Russian?

Most people told us that Russian little smile, not happy, always gloomy. Of course, the top - it is Russian vodka drink.

Strangely, only one person said that there is a walk through the streets of bears. Progress is rapid strides! 

What do you know about Russia?

Most people told us that it is very cold in Russia. Many asked it not hit Russian glasses after drank, we kiss on the lips at the meeting, and the like. I think it's funny. There are fans brokantov, this flea market, and so they buy it the old Russian records, books 80 years and is currently Moscow and Russia, as in the pictures. 

They know that Russia - the largest country in the past it was the Soviet Union. Moscow is capital of Russia.

How do you like Russian girls?

The French formed here is a stereotype of the Russian girl she blonde, dressed provocatively, bright make-up, it is not looking for a companion, as a sponsor. This is only part of the Russian stereotypes of the French.

They also think that Russian girls is easy to buy for the money. Prostitution also played a role. There are already a cliché: fille de l'Est girl from Russia or the former republics ?. Prostitute, without a doubt! It does not matter who you really are. All the French are cut with the same brush.

But even here there is a view that they are very good mothers and keepers of the hearth, unlike Frenchwomen. All your opinion about it.

What Russian names do you know ?

Vladimir and Ivan - only the names we call French.

What famous people of Russia do you know?

Vladimir Putin - he called it. Stalin, Lenin, Hrushev. Here  poor list of famous people from Russia.

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