French frogs legs

French frogs legs


Nowadays, frog legs are quite popular not only in France. They eat in the other countries of Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and also in Russian restaurants can order this dish. This does not mean that the Parisians frogs eat every day. This dish is not daily and is prepared, in the first place for gourmets. Less than half of French people, our contemporaries have never tried frog legs.

Why the French are known by the term "Frogs" or " Frog-eaters"?

During the 100-year war between France and England, the British began to call the French - Frog-eaters, eaters of frogs or just paddling.

How to grow frogs in France?

To start doing the aquarium with an island, sure. Then fry run-tadpoles, they create all the conditions for life. You can use food for aquarium fish. A detailed description of how to make an aquarium, than to feed, what temperature, etc. here  video YouTube

The frogs consumed and will be consumed in the world. Somewhere less somewhere more. In France, output only European green frog (grenouille verte ou grenouille comestible)

Farm in France

How to cook frogs and what they eat?

In cooking, use only the thighs of the frog (Cuisses de grenouille).

There are many recipes for how to cook, but eat only red wine. The taste is similar to chicken meat. View video - how to cook frogs

How much are the frog legs in France?

Prices in the restaurant will be from 10 to 20 euros per dish. You can buy them in every supermarket in France, such as Picard, 7.95 euros per 500g


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French man about life in Paris

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