French Alpes : Valmeinier Stations

French Alpes : Valmeinier Stations


Go to Valmeinier Stations near the Italy. Max 3000 metres. It's a good place for stay with friends and try french Alpes

The all inclusive prices are therefore for a stay 3 nights + ski 3 days of 260 euros per person including:

  • - Mechanical lift. New this year, on the 3 days there is a day to go on the domain of Les Arcs.
  • - Accommodation in apartment of 5 persons (sheets included).
  • - Rental material silver range.
  • - Two dinners in the restaurant. New this year we are changing restaurants to go to K2.
  • - Transport (minibus from Asnières).

230 euros per person without the rental of equipment.

160 euros per person without rental of equipment or package.

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