Dropbox - save all around you

Dropbox - save all around you


Take free DropBox.

Get 5GB Hello! My name is Denis Makarenko. Right to practice!

If you want to:


  • Store files on the Internet
  • Safety
  • Simple and easy to download and upload
  • Synchronize files from multiple PCs
  • Being in the wake of the Internet space


Since my work involves the use of multiple computers, there are difficulties with data synchronization.

In this situation, I came to the aid it DropBox

DropBox - this is one of the easiest ways to store and share data on the web. It is very easy to manage, because There is nothing superfluous in its interface, as it will not disturb you work with other programs, because it can be easily run in the background. Dropbox The program automatically synchronizes your files with an account on the Internet.

If you need your data, you can easily log on to your account from any browser. All you need to do is drag and drop files into the Dropbox folder synchronize their program successfully. If one account is associated with different computers, then to make changes to all of the computers you enough to do it on one of them. Also Dropbox one advantage is that it does not send the whole file, but only changes to optimize traffic. This service is offered absolutely free from 2 to 5 gigabytes if you this is not enough, you can increase the amount of a fee.

Make free DropBox. Get 5GB.


Good luck!


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