Chinese restaurants in paris

Chinese restaurants in paris

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We are in Paris, Let's go to try chinese food in Paris. These are the restaurants that I go to frequently and highly recommend. I can assure you, what you are going to taste in these restaurants is mostly comparable to what you can find in China, not the best though, but satisfying enough. In Julien's reply, I should say La Nouvelle Mer de Chine and les Pâtes Vivantes is quite famous among French people, but I've never tried it. And les Délices du Shandong is truely quite good.

You can to see our Paris Vlog in this resaurant here 

Why we went to a Chinese restaurant?

If you constantly have any same products, it starts becoming grusno feel like a holiday. It campaigns in various restaurants of Paris is smooth, create a holiday mood. Of course in France, many French restaurants, but we were there a hundred times and to somehow diversify went to the Chinese.

Why in China, there are also Indian, Vietnamese and even Russian?

First, many of them in Paris, on the map are basic. 

Also there is a large selection of seafood, and you can dial to raw foods in front of you did WOK - This dish may consist of any of the products, is such solyanka obtained. They all boil, and then deep fried in a sauce that you choose.

Of course the price, but we'll talk about below.

And most importantly, that in such restaurants, namely, if there is an inscription à volonté, you can pay one price and eat while he does not say STOP!

What choice in the restaurant?

In Chinese restaurants, there is almost everything. There are ready-made products. which are containers that hold a certain temperature, and eating raw foods, which can be attributed to the cook and he will prepare you WOK!

For example, here are the raw foods

There are fish, two kinds of meat - chicken, beef, pork and turkey, shrimp and molluscs. Just raw mushrooms and vegetables that can be prepared.

But a large part is occupied already cooked food, to list them - it's a long thing, I'll show you one photo, and all the rest you can see in the video

What are the prices in the Chinese restaurants in Paris?

One or the most important issue. How much does it cost? Prices depend on the geography and pristizha, just from product diversity. On average, the price fork in Paris from 14 to 20 euros per person. Mainly in Chinese restaurants, drinks are not included in this price. By the way, expensive drinks, sometimes two or three Raha more expensive than the normal value.

Video report of our evening at a Chinese restaurant

It can be viewed on our YouTube channel  Bonjour Франция or here

If you have any questions - write in the comments. Thank you


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