Celebrate 8 march in Paris

Celebrate 8 march in Paris


The media in France 's called this day as International Women's Day and International Day of women's rights. This day is not a day off. French congratulate women in May, Mother's Day.

8 March French men do not give flowers

This day is celebrated, but not in the Russian understanding. There perceive this date in its original meaning - as a day of solidarity of women in the struggle for their rights and against discrimination. The celebrations on this day does not occur; for most it is no different from the rest of everyday life.

Mens don't  greet to women

In France, March 8 - Women's Day in the full sense, and once women themselves are fighting for their rights, and they are reminded of this each other themselves. We can not say that very large quantities: and many women do not attach much importance to this day.

Each country has its own customs of celebrating March 8

In this regard, the ratio for March 8 in the CIS seems to be the attitude of the New Year, which in other Christian countries are much less important than Christmas.

I personally congratulate you, dear women

I'm not a Frenchman! Dear girls, women, grandmothers congratulate you on March 8! See my greeting here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HFht8GC0NU total you good and let God bless you


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French man about life in Paris

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