Bastille Day. Paris vlog

Bastille Day. Paris vlog

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Everyone knows who is somewhat familiar with France, on July 14 - Bastille Day. This is one of the main holidays in France. The French remember their past and think about the present and the future. On this day on the main street in Paris and in all the cities of France held a parade, concert, and fireworks at the end of the holiday.

Start of holiday

Every year begins at 9 am parade in Paris, which receives President of the Republic. This parade involving land and air forces.

Usually 19h00 near the Eiffel Tower and the concert begins at the end of the day, around 23h00 salute.

Vlog from parade in Paris on July 14

View video here


French man about life in Paris

French man about life in Paris

Frenchman about life in Paris: cuisine in France restaurants in Paris wine from France. My friend ...

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